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Grammy Recap

2/1/2010 in Entertainment

It felt like Ladies Night at the 52nd Grammy Awards. Some thoughts:

Good choice in letting Lady Gaga open. Great for intrigue (Who wasn't wondering what strange outfit she would wear or how she would try to shock us?) An interesting touch with the piano duet with Elton John.

Beyonce is stunning and talented. She won the most Grammy Awards by a woman in one-night. So how did she lose the top prize:Album of the Year?

OK, so I get the pairing of diverse artists, but Placido Domingo had to be thinking "What is this guy doing on the stage with me?" when Mos Def couldn't even open an envelop. However, the Andrea Bocelli and Mary J. Blige duet on Bridge Over Troubled Water, worked well. Better yet, the song can be downloaded from iTunes to help with Haitian relief efforts. Bravo!

Michael Jackson Dedication: It was fitting to honor the music legend and touching that his kids attended, but seeing them also reminded me about his unusual personal life.

Taylor Swift brings youthful energy, a cute look, wholesomeness, and country charm. I understand winning the Country Awards, but Album of the Year? Her live performance was off-key - the worst possible timing. If on sheer singing talent, how does anyone beat Beyonce? If sales are the measure, Gaga and her four #1 hits would have ruled. And if the prize is a career capstone (Tony Bennett, Steely Dan, etc.), then Dave Matthews got robbed. The question is: In the Digital Music Age, who is buying Albums?

With all the attention on the ladies, let's not overlook Kings of Leon, who nabbed Record of the Year for Use Somebody. They admittedly were having a good time. Good for them.

Yet, despite not winning any awards, Pink stole the show with her near naked, Cirque du Soleil-esque performance dripping wet and upside down high above the audience. She sang, too, and pretty well.  Nonetheless, the Grammys are all about celebrating the music industry and putting on a great show.  We're talking about it today. Mission accomplished.

What do you think?

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