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Grammy Recap

Category: Entertainment
It felt like Ladies Night at the 52nd Grammy Awards. Some thoughts....  [read more]

Ship of Ghouls

Just days after 250,000 people were killed in the earthquake in Haiti, one of Royal Caribbean's cruise ships sailing in for a scheduled stop. The photos of holiday-makers made the cruise line (and its passengers) seem self-centered and uncaring. But there is more to this story....  [read more]

Mark McGwire, Steroids and the Hall of Fame

Category: Sports
Mark McGwire ALMOST got his image-building public relations campaign right....  [read more]

Welcome to the Over The Moon Blog

The field of public relations is rapidly changing on a daily basis. The Over The Moon blog will delve into these subject, analyze developments in the field and attempt to add thought-provoking and occasionally humorous perspectives on communications in the second decade of the 21st century...  [read more]

Toyota is now part of the PR Hall of Shame: Portfolio’s Steve Rosenbush

Category: Corporate
PR hall of shame: Toyota joins the ranks....  [read more]
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