The Other Shoe Has Dropped

CBS News Radio | December 2009

John Mooney responds to Tiger Woods' Statement as a consultant to CBS News Radio.

"The Strategy Room" Broadcast Participant | May 2009

Fox Strategy Room screen grab

Michael Vick, steroids, the decline of boxing and fighting in hockey were among the hot topics dissected during an exclusive roundtable at the studios of Fox News on May 21, 2009. An inside the locker room version of "The Strategy Room" broadcast live on featured a number of sports public relations experts, including John Mooney. The show was hosted by Fox News' Mike Straka.

Foley's NY Pub grabs media attention by banning song

PR Week | May 2008

A Google Search showed that Danny Boy was voted among the 25 most depressing songs. With the knowledge that the media would be looking for Irish-themed stories, the team spawned the idea to ban the song for the month.

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