Who needs taxes? Health pays for itself

Metro | August 2009

President Barack Obama's first full fiscal year budget, which covers Oct. 1 through Sept. 30, 2010, will bring with it a round of new and increased taxes. And if you ask some economists, they'll tell you to prepare for one of the worst misuses of tax money in history – Obama's health care plan.

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Atlantis Growth Continues

Cranes health Pulse | August 2009

Doctor-owned Atlantis Health Plan is continuing its steady membership growth – with 28,000 members it is about 20% larger than last year

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Bouncing back from disaster

amNewYork | APRIL 2009



Dealing with the economic downturn is hard enough for small business owners – try throwing a disaster into the mix. It’s important for businesses to have backup plans for emergency situations such as fires.

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New York Post | April 2009

ALBANY – How absurd is the price of health care in New York City? It now costs more to buy health insurance than it does to rent a two-bedroom apartment in the Financial District.

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An entrepreneur walks into a bar. . .

Humor can lead to a marketing grand slam – as long as it's done right.

Entrepreneur Magazine | April 2009

If Shaun Clancy, owner of Foley's NY Pub & Restaurant, ever decides to leave the hospitality business, he could transition into a top marketing job based on how he promoted his business last year. Clancy, 39, created an Irish Baseball Hall of Fame inside his restaurant, which earned about $1 million in sales last year.

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New York businesses to feel pain of proposed health insurance bill, expert says

January 2009

A proposed plan by New York Gov. David Paterson to expand health care coverage to those up to age 29 on their parents' plans will have less of an impact on the insurance industry than it does on individual businesses, according to a health care expert.

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An Accomplished Ally Rides Shotgun

New York Times | December 3, 2008

Jimmie Johnson strolled into Foley's Pub and Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan just after 2 p.m. Wednesday and ordered a round for the house, including two dozen NASCAR fans who probably would have been happy just to say hello to him.

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Mark McGwire makes Hall of Fame, but Cooperstown's not it

Daily News | August 2008

McGwire may not be in Cooperstown... but now he has a plaque somewhere.

Mark McGwire made it into the Hall of Fame Tuesday. No, not the Hall of Fame.

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Giant Steps: George Martin completes cross-country trek for 9/11 heroes


Former New York Giant great George Martin has reached the end zone, completing a 3,003-mile cross-country walk to raise more than $2 million for ailing Ground Zero heroes.

This true Giant, all 6-feet-5 of him, strode into Embarcadero Park North in San Diego yesterday after a journey of stamina and discovery that began last Sept. 16 in New York and averaged 22 miles a day.

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By George, he did it

Daily News | June 2008

George Martin walked the walk. Concerned about sick World Trade Center rescue and recovery workers, the former Giants great decided to take steps to raise money for their help.

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People Destroying America - St. Patrick's Day

Episode: #04036

Shaun Clancy banned the traditional Irish song "Danny Boy" from his NY pub on St. Patrick's Day. (03:56)

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'Danny Boy' Ban Sparks Emerald Ire

ABC News | March 2008

The 'Sweet Caroline' of Irish Ballads Is Banned in One New York City Pub

It began with the muttering of a cranky New York City pub boss named Clancy, and might have died there, the way so many offhand comments deep inside dark taverns do.

It was just a whine, really. But that whine has grown into a rant heard round the world.

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The Osgood Files | March 2008

It's been a strange year already on so many levels. And now we must report to you that, on the grounds that it is consistently among the 25 most depressing songs ever written, Foley's Pub and Restaurant in Manhattan will prohibit any patron from singing "Danny Boy". for the rest of the month.

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N.Y. pub bans "Danny Boy" on St. Patrick's

All is not lost: Michigan pub to stage 50-hour marathon of song

Associated Press | March 2008

NEW YORK - It's depressing. It's not usually sung in Ireland for St. Patrick's Day. And its lyrics were written by an Englishman who never set foot on Irish soil.

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Winner in a Walk

Ex-Giant George Martin is raising money while gaining a broad appreciation of this country's varied terrain and citizens

Star-Ledger | February 2008

EUFAULA, Oklahoma – Out on U.S. Highway 271, somewhere between Oblivion and Forgotten, where you'd have to drive five miles toward town to hunt, Oklahoma State Troopers are escorting George Martin on a two-lane road that roller-coasters through a dusty brown patch of the world. Scorched by sun, dried by winds and barely touched by man, this place looks more like moon than Earth.

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New York Post | November 2007

MORRISTOWN , Tenn. – The rising sun over the Smoky Mountains casts a heavenly glow on an old, red barn.

George Martin played 14 years with the Giants and owns a Super Bowl ring, but he knows this golden moment is one of the more special times in his life of success.

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Giants Star Martin Begins 9/11 March

US News | September 2007

NEW YORK (AP) – Saying he knows what real heroism is, former New York Giants star George Martin began a cross-country walk to raise money for ailing ground zero workers.

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