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What does it take to become Top Dog at Westminster? A marketing campaign

According to the NY Times today, it costs thousands of dollars to become a "Best in Show" champion at the Westminster Dog Show....  [read more]

Watch the country's worst PR person in action

Here's a p.r. manager who desperately needs media training! Watch this tête-à-tête between a utility company's media relations person and a FOX 4 reporter in Florida....  [read more]

Super Bowl XLIV's "Did I just see that?" moment

Category: Sports
Did I just see David Letterman sitting on a couch with Oprah Winfrey AND Jay Leno? Easily the biggest surprise among the much anticipated Super Bowl ads....  [read more]

Restaurant Guests Sound Off

Restaurants & Institutions' 2010 New American Diner Study asked consumers to name their top three components of good service at a restaurant....  [read more]